New Century

With this new 3D printing system, it is now possible to custom fit any hoof shoe  to your horse's needs.

Using our specially developed  software "Shoemaker" you can design and print plastic fittings only by using photos and the measurements of the hoof and then create what ever you need. 

The New Century" ® makes it possible to create and produce all types of fittings:

- All types of nail on shoes

- Shoes for the leisure area

- Any kind of orthopedic fittings

- In the sports area, horse and trotter fittings

- Sliders

- Adhesive fittings, (soon also included with our innovative adhesive technology)

- Combination of adhesive fittings that can be nailed and glued at the same time

- Nail holes that can be inserted individually and positioned on the fitting

- At the same time printed studs and / or stud holes in every dimension

- Recesses for spikes

- Manufacturing of various types of pads

- Wedges of any kind

- Extensions

- Bars

- Matching hoof grip

- Different colours

- Always the desired fit guaranteed


- Just in time production

- Lower storage costs

- No storage of different types of fittings

- Less ordering

- Lower weight in the car /lower fuel consumption

- Immense cost savings!

- No anvil

- No blacksmith's hammer

- No gas oven

- No welding machine

- Physically not demanding

- Shock absorbant material, thus healthier for the horse

The  Software "Shoemaker" 

1. Upload a photo of the sole of your horse's hoof and enter the measurements into our software "Shoemaker"

2. Fit the frame to the hoof and trace the outline. Choose a shoe type from the menu.Then

change and adapt your 3D model as you wish. 

3. The nail holes can be perfectly adapted to the hoof - Thanks to the transparent 3D model, on top of the photo, you can recognize the structures in the hoof and know exactly where to go. You can add wedges, holes for spikes and studs, as well as extensions of all kind. The model can be viewed from all sides, which enables you to check and optimize the fit.

4. Finished!

If you are satisfied with your creation, you can now print the shoe.

You wll be impressed with the accuracy of  how well this shoe will fit and how durable the material is! You can do this at home in preparation for the next days work, or right at your client and print the shoes right there at the moment.

The Material

The material for the horseshoe consists exclusively of a special plastic (no steel inner life), which is very light and at the same time exceptionally shock absorbing. 

Recyclable material


Choose between three different colours!




The 3D printer

With the 3D printer developed by P&P Systems and our special plastic filament, you can become the manufacturer of your fittings yourself. The P&P Systems 3D printer is on the cutting edge of technology and unparalleled on the 3D printing market. This technology guarantees optimal product quality, as well as automated and fast manufacture of all types of shoeing.

We offer  two different 3D Printers. Our mobile system,  you can carry with you. Install two of this printers in your vehicle and you can print shoes  right at the barn for your clients! 30 minutes for a pair of printed shoes! Also ideal for vet clinics and big barns who want to print their own shoes! 

Our bigger and automated printer, is for the professional who chooses to print shoes not only for his owns clients, but also for other farrier friends. This printer will keep going non stop in a fixed setting. You can program it for a days worth of work and it will keep printing shoes as you are out with your clients, or while you sleep at night. 


Take a picture of the respective hoof, indicating the dimensions of the hoof:

-Widest width of the hoof

-Longest length of the hoof

-Name of hoof: front left, front right, or hind left, hind right


You can send us the photos and measurements of the hooves by e-mail. We then create the shoes for you, print them and then send them to you within three days. You can do this as a privat person or as a hoof professional and forward it to your client.


On request, we will send you a free trial version of our "Shoemaker" software for two months using a link. A dongle / stick then will be sent to you per mail, so as the user your will be authorized to download the software, use it, and create any kind of shoes.


When creating the fittings, you apply the same procedure:

- Get the hoof ready

- Photograph the bottom of the hoof

- Specify dimensions

- Name hoof LF, RF, LH, RH

- Created the shoes you need and store them in an already provided file.


Then email us that file with the shoes. We then print them out for you and  mail the finished shoe to you after your payment. This test version has the advantage that the user can get to know the software for 2 months, can create fittings with it, inspect material, and test the durability of the shoes. After two month you can decide wether you want to buy the system or not. This makes the purchase of this system totally risk free for you.

Option 3: PURCHASE of "The New Century" System


As a farrier, or veterinarian, or big barn owner etc. you decide to  purchases the "Century" system

- Software “Shoemaker

- 2 mobile printers 

- Various filaments



- Software "Shoemaker"  US$ 978.-/6 month or US$1890.-/year

                 All future software and hardware updates and supports are included

- 2 mobile printers each US$ 800.-, thus a total of US$1,600.- (that way you can print two shoes at the same time, which will take about 30 minutes)

- Filament per two pounds: US $42.- 

From two pounds of filament you can print 8-10 hoof shoes, depending on the size and type of shoe.


The warranty period for the printer is 3 years. Should a technical problem arise with a printer, we will replace it free of charge, within 24 hours.


We are looking for very good farriers and hoof care professionals as sales partners who create and print fittings for end customers, but also for farrier colleagues and their customers.

For this, the sales partner needs an automated printer that has an automatic ejection of shoes.  With this technology, shoes can be printed out continuously, that have been previously loaded with the software. 


Farriers and other hoof professionals, but also end customers who do not have the “Shoemaker” software and a printer, can order fittings and have them printed out from their sales partner. The sales partner then charges his clients whatever he needs to.

 We will give the sales partner territorial protection, which means that no other sales partner in this area can provide this service. All of our sales partners will be listed on our homepage.

This will create an additional income for the sales partner.


- Software "Shoemaker" US$ 978.-/6 month or US$1890.-/year

- Automated printer US$ 4300.- 

- Filament per two pounds US$ 42.- 

Please contact us with any questions!

We will gladly help you to find the best solution for you!

We offer the following 4 solutions for our clients: 

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