Esprit Special


This is your permanent hoof shoe without nails. Esprit Special, holds to the hoof wall with an adhesive tape for about 6-10 weeks. After that, it must be removed for hoof care and cannot be reapplied. No messy glue mixing or aggressive chemicals. Simple, fast and durable.

Great for all kind of trails and sports.



Euros    $74.-

Esprit Adventure


The first hoof boot ever, that you can mold perfectly to the hoof, over and over again. Gaiter made of  high quality leader.   Open sole, so the hoof can breath, even if worn around the clock.  

Very fast to put on and easy to handle.




Euros  $212.-

Esprit Slipper



Easy to remove and put on again. This simplifies hoof care and allows the horse to walk barefoot.

In collaboration with 3M, a  special Velcro closure has been developed for this product that adheres directly to the hoof wall. This allows the horse shoe to be easily removed and replaced on a daily base. The DUAL LOCK systems are supplied by us with protective caps, which prevents soiling of the Velcro fastener when the shoe is removed. 


Euros  $115.-


The new way for horses

P&P Systems has created an amazing high-performance thermo plastic hoof protection, which can be bent and molded by hand and can be perfectly adjusted to the hoof manually. There is no need for technical equipment or tools. Simply heat the shoe in hot water, or with a hot air gun, then form it with your bare hands. As it cools, it will harden, and your horse has a perfectly fitted shoe. ESPRIT is the only horse shoe, that is 100% adaptable to the hoof. All Esprit fittings are equipped with an integrated adhesive technology, so that no hoof glue is needed. The adhesive technology comes from human medicine, and has been further developed. It does not harm the hoof wall at all. In addition it has an antibacterial effect. It is breathable, and it supports the natural hoof growth. ESPRIT horse shoes are made out of a material that absorbs any movement-related vibration and thus protects the joints. ESPRIT hoof fittings activate the hoof mechanism, especially for horses with unstable hoof walls. ESPRITS are ideal to help prevent and heal many hoof diseases such as laminitis, arthritis and many more. 


In addition, they can be used with spikes, studs, medical inserts and snow grips.

Made in Austria.

All ESPRIT Horse shoes can be deformed to change the size on each side by up to 5mm (almost a quarter inch). They either become longer and narrower, or shorter and wider at the same time.

You also can adapt them to many special hoof shapes, like club hoof, deformities due to laminitis, add more roll to the toe, or heel support.

If you are not sure about sizes or applications, please contact us.

Size Chart

Measure the widest width and the longest length of the hoof. All ESPRIT Horse shoes can be deformed to change the size on each side by up to 5mm (almost a quarter inch). They either become narrower and longer, or wider and shorter at the same time. Make sure you choose the correct chart. The chart on the left side, is for the Adventure, Special and DR. The one on the right side,  is for the Slipper and Medical.

Mounting Instructions

Mounting your Esprits is not a big deal, but there are some important steps that need to be done. Download the PDF. Sounds complicated? It's not! The two most important steps are:
#1After sanding the hoof wall, keep it clean and never touch it, until the shoes are on. 
#2 Mold that shoe! Mold the sole as well, not only the flaps! The whole shoe needs to be snug to the hoof wall, starting from the very bottom. Remember, all it takes is heating it up in hot water and you can mold it as you want.
Questions? Call our hotline, even when you are in the middle of the application: 801 608 5901.
Your success is important to us!

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