EVO BOOT 1.19 

developed to perform!

The EVO BOOT 1.19 is the result of professional product development, combined with endurance riding experience, that allows riders to apply a hoof boot easily on a variety of different hoof types. It can be heat adapted by a professional if needed; but this is only necessary if the shape of the hoof  is more challenging (asymmetrical shape, flared walls, etc.)

  • very low weight

  • fits like a second skin

  • promoting the hoof mechanism in 4 dimensions

  • great grip on different terrain

  • very flexible bulb shield and sole = natural feeling

  • all parts exchangeable

  • parts can be adapted individually

  • very durable material

  • 12 different sizes available

  • easy assembling by riders

The EVO BOOT is an extremely intelligent hoof boot, promoting the hoof mechanism like no other boot. In addition to its sole support, it is flexible horizontally as well as vertically. Let the horses have a totally new free movement experience, without any interference at their full extension and full flexion phase. Every part of this boot has been specially designed, to enhance hoof mechanisms (curved sole, V-shaped accordion in the frog area, the Elastostop direct system, and a lateral cartilage friendly bulb shield). These boots can deal with the impacts and forces of the gait, on any terrain  and your horse can perform stronger and better than ever. 


The EVO boot is like a second skin and comes with an air cooling system and it’s made of a skin friendly material to avoid rubbing. The material is extremly durable and easy to clean and maintain. 

EVO 1.19 Product Video

The EvoBoot Premium comes with a standard pre-configuration. A lot of times, when we’re dealing with standard hoof shapes, the end user can make an “out of the box fit” but there are some occasions when a minor adjustment is necessary, due to the growth between trims or due to the specific conformation of the hoof. This adjustment is so easy that it only takes 2 steps, few minutes and no previous knowledge.


Can be used as spare part

or glue-on shell

 12 sizes available


Extremely Flexible

6 sizes available


1 size fits all


Arched with

accordeon design

At the moment there are 12 sizes available – 2 more sizes will follow during spring 2020!

Within these sizes the whole hoof boot and it’s elements can be adapted individually. The Elastostop Direct has  several holes in order to adjust the length. Also the position of the Bulb Shield can be changed by using different holes of the Elaststop and Bulb Sield. All you need is a simple Allen Wrench – no craftsmanship required !

HOW TO Measure

We recommend:

  • to measure right after a trim 

  • not later than 8 days after the last trim

  • always pick up the hoof before measuring

Let us help you find the right fit!

First of all, Evo's can be adapted in so  many ways!

So ask us if you feel you need help! 

Second, we offer fit kits! We can mail you shells so you can try them on before you make a final decision about the size.

Third, ask us if we have a test model in your size! This is a great way to test your boots before you buy them!



Please visit the link below to get 

more information about EVO Boots and answers to the most 

Frequently Asked Questions

Check out the user guide for lots of tips and tricks  for your new EVO's!
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