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When I started driving my 4 year old mare (Duna Dave) everybody said I would have to have her shod. I tried other boots but they were big and cumbersome, complicated to put on and just not practical.That was until I found the EVO BOOTS, they are so easy and quick to put on. Duna is really comfortable in them and they gave me that much needed traction for pulling the buggy. We have never looked back! Steven Longden

"If anyone is interested in flexible glue-on non-iron shoes, the Terra Horse Esprit Special glue-ons have been on Andre's front feet for 3 weeks and have not moved. We have ridden a lot of terrain, rocks, gravel, river crossings, mud, galloping in company, lots of steep ups and downs."L.S.

"The Esprit stick on shoes are the answer to some of my most challenging rehabs. Monica has been there 150% to help with any questions, orders, or issues."K.M.

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After many years with other shoes I finally got my first EVOs last Tuesday. I liked them immediately. Light, but strong and they perfectly fit. Our first trip took us on streets but also very muddy grounds. No problem for the EVOs. Even in Galopp they did not move at all. Strong winds had knocked down some trees. 

I could not resist, no problem for the EVOs and my horse wearing them for her first 30 minutes only. That was when I knew I will never give away these shoes again! 
It would be fantastic to get an additional pair, which I could use with studs, specially for our preferred discipline, eventing (the cross).

Hello, these are me and Dream; he is wearing a pair of efficient shoes.. I bought him 2 years ago in a riding center where I went with my class mates. As soon as I saw him I felt something that is not describle; I tried to convince my parents to buy him but it was not easy. In the end, with the help of my riding instructor, I got him!
When we started to work together, he could not walk for long distances because his hooves were not used to hard soil with stones and rocks. It’s only when I bought the EVO BOOT that the problem was solved and we could enjoy long walks together!

Barefoot in changing weathers. Last year I made a decision to take off my horse’s shoes and started to learn benefits of being barefoot. Unfortunately my horse’s hooves have always been fragile and crack easily, so I was little worried of how being barefoot would work. I used different brand boots before with lost shoes, but they were loose and fell off when riding. Then I found out about EVO BOOTS which looked amazing, and fortunately we also have reseller here in Oulu, Finland! Especially in winter when we have lots of icy and slippery weathers, it would be hard to give your horse the exercise he needs without the boots with studs.


Finally a boot which fits my mare, stays on, doesn’t twist and more importantly, doesn’t rub her very delicate pink heels! So easy to put on and take off. Easy to adjust, even with frozen fingers!!! Post by Nicki Woodhead, UK

Mocoso is a 15 years old, trotter and is active in endurance sports. Several times a year we go on backcountry trips over several days in demanding terrain ... all with the Evo boot. Claudia

When we got the hoof boots we were thrilled. They were of high quality and there were even replacement elastostops and a tool to adju the screws in the package. I was surprised at how easy it was to adjust the hoof boots. It was also relatively easy to put on the shoes. Because the hoof shoe has to fit very tightly, I needed both hands to put on the EVO BOOTS, but it is still easy and quick for calm horses. Now only the elastostops  had to be brought into the correct position and the shoes were rock solid on the hoof.

We tested a wide variety of terrains and soil conditions, and we were thrilled here too. Even taking a bath in the lake, the EVO BOOTS withstood the slushy ground without slipping off the hoof. At the beginning I was concerned that the shoes could become a problem on slippery ground, but these concerns were also taken away after a few rides. Also the abrasion of the hoof boots, despite the shuffling of my horse, is limited. The EVO BOOT is really super robust and withstands gravel, asphalt, mud and all other types of terrain. And best of all: EVO BOOTS are extremely easy to clean! Simply hold it under the water hose and rinse it off. For more stubborn clumps of mud or stones, simply pick up a hoof and remove the stones from the profile of the hoof boots. Then leave the hoof boots in the sun or just let them dry. Marie Oberdick

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