The only hoof boot on the market that can be bent by hand when warm, ensuring the best fit on the hoof. No chafing marks on the hoof, on bales, on skin and coat. The top is made of a very durable leather of the highest quality.
Shapeable by hand in warm condition. This always achieves the best possible fit on the hoof.
Open shoe sole, so the hoof can breath. This makes it possible to wear this boot even 24/7, since no sweating of the hoof will take place.
If the hoof out grows the boot, warm it up again and mold it to the new needed size.
Very durable sole!
Price per pair.
Handling: All fittings are bendable and shape-able by hand, so there is no need for any technical equipment such as anvil or hoof hammer. Make sure the sole is shaped to the hoof and holding nice and tight.


$212.00 Regular Price
$148.40Sale Price

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