ESPRIT Horse Boots "Medical" with Dual Lock System. For hoof injuries in the sole area such as abscesses/ulceration in the hoof, hot nails, bruises, open wounds, hoof cancer, etc., where daily medical wound care is essential. 

Easy to remove and put on again. A in collaboration with 3M specially for this product developed Velcro closure, allows the horse shoe to be easily removed and put back on again. Adheres directly to the hoof wall without damaging it. 
The only horse shoe in the worlds market that is 100% adaptable to the hoof.

  • equipped with the new DUAL LOCK system, even better, even more sticky on the hoof
  • no hammering of hoof nails anymore, thus better blood circulation and growth
  • neither hoof glue, buckles or belt straps
  • neither milling machine, grinder, hammer, nor anvil
  • it requires no additional suspensions on the horseshoe
  • heat the ESPRIT Slipper, adjust it on the hoof and let it cool down. DONE
  • almost no vibration
  • The medical pads can be cut to the correct size after the shoe has been sized correctly. Trace with a marker the size on the pad and cut it along the tracings. Insert the sole. 
  • weight: 120 grams light

 The DUAL LOCK systems are supplied by us with protective caps, which prevents the locking tapes from being damaged when the fitting is removed. Everything you need for your first application is included. You can order replacement locking tapes for your next application. One tape application lasts about 3 weeks.
Price per pair

Color: Esprit = Grey. Pad my vary, mostly yellow or blue.

Handling: Clean handling as with a glue on shoe is required for best performance. 




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