Blend of vegetable oils and extremely rich essential oils that promote healthy horn growth. The penetrating properties of the natural oils selected, which are rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids, ensure the foot is optimally hydrated. The Oleobiot is particularly indicated for dry feet with fragile or brittle horn. It is also used for stimulating high-quality horn growth following splits, cracks, seedy toe, etc.

Conventional vegetable oils (Jojoba, Grape seed, Coconut, Castor, Sunflower).
Essential oils : Clove, Lemon peel.
Other products : Lanolin.

Mix the product well. Apply to the whole foot (sole and walls) especially around the coronary band. Based on horn growth requirements, renew once or twice a day until you obtain the desired result.
Store away from cold and heat.

External care product, may be used during competitions. 
No petroleum by-products or fat from dead stock used.

Essential Oleobiot Natural Oil, 8oz & 16oz

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