We take the hassle away from you, of drilling spikes and studs in. The price is for drilling ONE spike or stud in. This does not include the material. Please order your spikes, or studs separately. Choose the amount of drills we need to make for you here.

Write a comment in the mandatory check box, and let us know, where you want them to be placed.

Write for example: Esprit Slipper, size 2: Four spikes on each shoe, toe and heel. Esprit Special Size 0: Two studs each, in heels.

This example would cost you $ 6, since there would be 8 Spikes and 4 studs to be drilled in into 4 shoes. (Of course, you also can choose to get only two spikes per shoe.)

Please acknowledge, that we will not replace any lost spikes or studs, in case you loose one even while riding. In rare cases spikes and studs can get lost. Please check fequently, if they are still in correctly. 

Spike & Stud Service


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