Liquid formula made from a blend of Organic vegetable oils and extremely rich natural products. Particularly indicated for preventing excess humidity from entering the foot. Its ingredients act as a first-line treatment as a water barrier whilst ensuring that it breathes. It also acts as a hardener and protects against infections.

Product of the range BEE LINE hive's product. Contains beeswax and propolis, natural plant materials recognized for their virtues.

Waterproof ***
Hardens the horn **
Cleanses **
Stimulates growth *
Hydrates *

Organic vegetable oils (Coconut, Sesame, Grape Seed, Castor, Nigella).
Rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids + vitamins A and E.
Organic Essential oils: Niaouli, Lavender, Rosemary.
Other natural products: Lanolin, Propolis.

Shake well before use. Apply with a brush on a daily basis.

External care product, may be used during competitions.


Waterproof Hoof Care Organic 3* Oil, 8oz

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